Rising Stars started over twenty years ago with one team and a vision: to utilize the game of basketball as the vehicle to promote education, reinforce values, and provide our youth with a safe environment to Play, Learn and Grow. Today, Rising Stars has grown to 35 teams, 20 partner schools and organizations, 35 committed staff members, and the same vision.

Why donate?

It’s not about writing a check. Rising Stars is a 24/7 365 support system for Rising Stars children. We go the extra mile to ensure the academic accomplishment and personal growth of each one of our student athletes. We become family for these children by providing a high touch support system, access to competitive team sports, and opportunities to keep them off the streets and on the courts.

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Rising Stars Scholar

St. Francis Prep

“Rising Stars Scholars Program has taught me that I can be an inspiration and a leader amongst my peers. My Rising Stars team is my family, we encourage one another but we are also competitive. One area that I have really improved in is my attendance in school. I used to be late all the time but now I am on time. Life as a student athlete is a tough balance but my monthly educational meetings with Rising Stars and the check-up texts and phone calls during the week help support me.” 

Rising Stars Scholar

Holy Cross High School

“I feel lucky because the kids back from my old school in Brooklyn don’t have a support system like I do. I know I always have someone to call when there is a problem. My life has changed for the better and I know that every day I am taking steps closer to my dream to play in the NBA and that I am not walking alone.” 

Rising Stars Scholar

Lawrence Woodmere Academy

“Being a part of the Rising Stars program gives me an unexplainable drive. One summer I was disappointed as I wasn’t placed in honors classes. I knew that I could be successful in honors level and prove to myself and everyone that I could exceed expectations. I went to my teachers and I pushed for it, and I got accepted into the honors classes and I did great in them! I attribute that drive to Rising Stars.”


For Rising Stars to be able to provide for our student athletes all that we do, money, time and resource donations make it all possible.

You can donate by putting money to a cause below or contact us at to become a part of Rising Stars in your own way.



1-Year’s Full tuition to play with Rising Stars:
Attend Summer Camp:
Uniforms / Apparel 1 student athlete for the year:


Full scholarship for a student at a private high school:
Partial scholarship for a student at a private high school:
Tutoring grant or College test prep for a year:


Sponsor an entire outreach team:
Personal Development workshop for 1 team
College campus visit for a team:

Every donation counts

No matter the size of your donation, every dollar helps support our mission. In addition to the donation types above, you can sponsor a student, a scholarship or create your own scholarship. If you are interested in sponsoring a student or creating your own memorial or honorary scholarship, please contact us for more information at


Jay Williams

ESPN, Rising Stars Alumni

“Rising Stars teaches so much more than the game of basketball. It teaches about life, and gives its students the tools they need to succeed in it. I will always be grateful for what Rising Stars has done for me and the difference it made in my life. I am honored to continue working with Rising Stars and to support their ongoing efforts.”

Mark Clouse

CEO Pinnacle Foods

“I am so proud to be part of the Rising Stars family and of my support of the Rising Star Youth Foundation. Rising Stars takes the vehicle of basketball, with the platform of education, and expands both to unlock the full potential of student athletes academically, athletically and as leaders in their community. I hope to be a part of the Rising Stars family for many years to come and encourage others to do the same.”

Tom Quinlan

Chairman/CEO LSC Communications

“Simply put, Rising Stars works. Rising Stars formula is learning plus athletics, with the greater additive being learning. This basic, but powerful equation ensures every child that is a part of the Rising Stars community is successful as they progress through life. Making a difference in the life of a child means a great deal to me. My continued support and participation with Rising Stars allows me that and more.”

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