Education for a lifetime


Rising Stars Scholars Program

We offer scholarships for academic tuition to bridge the social class opportunity gap. The Rising Stars Scholars Program provides academic and personal support, mentorship, and advisory towards college and career preparedness.

I am so proud to be part of the Rising Stars family and of my support of the Rising Star Youth Foundation. Rising Stars takes the vehicle of basketball, with the platform of education, and expands both to unlock the full potential of student athletes academically, athletically and as leaders in their community. I hope to be a part of the Rising Stars family for many years to come and encourage others to do the same.
Mark Clouse, CEO Pinnacle Foods


All active participants in the Rising Stars program can apply for a scholarship. Scholarships are based on three criteria: a student’s commitment to academics, a student’s commitment to community, and assessment of the family’s financial picture.


Rising Stars Scholar
Lawrence Woodmere Academy

Being a part of the Rising Stars program gives me an unexplainable drive. One summer I was disappointed as I wasn’t placed in honors classes. I knew that I could be successful in honors level and prove to myself and everyone that I could exceed expectations. I went to my teachers and I pushed for it, and I got accepted into the honors classes and I did great in them! I attribute that drive to Rising Stars.

College Advisory and Recruitment

Rising Stars provides individualized guidance for each student athlete and their family. Additionally, Rising Stars provides exposure for college recruitment. We have placed over 500 children in colleges and universities across the country.