Basketball serves as our medium


Basketball Program

Rising Stars has 350 3rd through 12th grade boys and girls actively participating on our teams led by the finest instructional staff. Our teams travel and compete in the best Long Island and NYC regional basketball tournaments as well as national basketball competitions.

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Rising Stars teaches so much more than the game of basketball. It teaches about life, and gives its students the tools they need to succeed in it. I will always be grateful for what Rising Stars has done for me and the difference it made in my life. I am honored to continue working with Rising Stars and to support their ongoing efforts.
Jay Williams, ESPN, Rising Stars Alumni

Camps, Clinics, and Training

In addition to our basketball program teams, Rising Stars is a full-service basketball program in Long Island and NYC, offering interactive and personalized instruction year-round for all children. Individualized instruction, group training, clinics, and camps are amongst the many ways we develop the complete player.

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Rising Stars Scholar
Holy Cross High School

I feel lucky because the kids back from my old school in Brooklyn don’t have a support system like I do. I know I always have someone to call when there is a problem. My life has changed for the better and I know that every day I am taking steps closer to my dream to play in the NBA and that I am not walking alone.

Program Scholarships

Everyone plays at Rising Stars. We help families in need by providing financial assistance to cover basketball program fees and additional costs.